Competitive Venue Design

Competitive events on trails require special planning, including the specific design characteristics of the trail (width, course length, terrain variability), the “stadium” or start/finish area, spectator interests and capacity, and support facilities including parking, timing, and shelter.  Morton Trails specializes in helping clients develop competitive trails and venues, from international competitions to local events.

We believe that a trail system can accommodate both recreation and competition, if planned and designed carefully.

Cross Country Ski Course Homologation

The International Ski Federation (FIS) has adopted design and other requirements for venues where FIS-sanctioned events are held.  This process is known as homologation and includes designing courses with particular terrain features (e.g., climbs of varying lengths and grades, sections of undulating terrain), width, stadium characteristics, wax testing areas, and other facilities.  Homologation certificates are granted by the FIS for different levels of competition, from national-oriented races (e.g., National Championships, Continental Cup) to World Cup and Olympic level events.

John Morton has been qualified as one of a small number of homologation inspectors in the United States; he and Morton Trails staff can design courses and competitive venues to meet homologation standards, as well as serve as official homologation inspectors.