China Tour de Ski at Changbaishan Luneng Resort

While those of us in the US were ramping up our New Year’s Eve celebrations, the first race of the China Tour de Ski (CTDS) was underway at the new Changbaishan Luneng four-season resort. Located in the rolling hills of Jilin Province – less than 50km from the North Korean border – the resort offers Alpine skiing, a nature park, and a Manchurian cultural village. It also enjoys cold winter temperatures and reliable snow. Maybe most impressively, it also boasts cross-country skiing courses designed to FIS homologation standards, as well as a 30-point biathlon range (under construction) and IBU racing trails. The site currently serves as the Chinese National Team training site, and has hosted the opening races of the CTDS since it opened in January 2017.

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Trail Building 101

A Question & Answer session with Noah Brautigam, professional trail designer and a former member of the Far West Nordic Elite Team. Noah has moved on from his time in Far West Nordic as ASC Comp/Devo Team Coach and Royal Gorge Ski School Director, and is now a Trail Designer and GIS Analyst for Morton Trails. Noah has designed trails from here in the Far West all the way to China.

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Dublin Prep School Homologates Trails

Does a secondary school need an International Ski Federation (FIS)-sanctioned race course? Perhaps not, but that’s what skiers can expect when they go to New Hampshire’s Dublin School for the 2016/2017 ski season.

The Dublin School, a private high school in southern New Hampshire, has a brand-new, FIS-homologated 5-kilometer loop, designed by John Morton, and it claims it’s the first high school in the world to receive the FIS homologation distinction.

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Former Olympian Comes Out of Retirement to Race at Seeley Lake

Seeley Lake ROCKS is pleased to announce that John Morton, former Olympic Nordic Skier, will participate in the Peter Hale Memorial Race to be held on Saturday, February 4, 2017, in Seeley Lake, MT.   Morton is very familiar with Seeley’s ski trails.  He knows the existing Seeley Creek Nordic Trails system well, and worked on the proposed Fawn Creek trail system that is bringing such excitement to the regional ski community.

 “We are looking forward to John’s participation in the race,” stated Noah Brautigam, Race Director.  Morton’s involvement is expected to attract other notable skiers to the race, and the Seeley Lake Regional Outdoor Center for Kinetic Sports [ROCKS] is excited to expand the excellence and availability of the local Nordic experience. 

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Grand Avenue Nordic Center Makes Progress

Duluth—John Morton, founder of Morton Trails, and Noah Brautigam, trail designer and GIS analyst with Morton Trails, visited Duluth, MN in October to continue design work on the proposed Grand Avenue Nordic Center cross country ski trail. Morton made a previous visit to Duluth in May 2015 when he laid out an initial “first draft” for this 3.3 km trail working with Gary Larson, of Gary Larson Sports LLC.

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